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Although she may be socially awkward, she appears to have more success socially than her younger brother Brick. She is dorky, overemotional and wiry and usually stays positive. She seems to fail at everything she tries out for, but her optimism and determination keep her trying again and again. She wears braces on her teeth. Her first and middle names are “Sue”, as it was mistakenly written down twice on her birth certificate. She is usually in a cheery mood even though she is often put down by athletic older brother, Axl Heck.

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Treatments Parts of Braces Knowing the names of different parts of braces can be helpful during orthodontic treatment. Following is a list of orthodontic terms associated with braces. Bands Orthodontic bands are rings that fit around the back teeth, or molars. Orthodontists select the size of band and use dental instruments to ensure a custom fit.

Bands typically have welded metal attachments that allow arch wires to pass through them. Traditional bands are made using stainless steel, but ceramic braces are becoming more popular as they are available in a variety of transparency levels that are less conspicuous than metal. Bands are cemented to the teeth with specific dental cement. Brackets The most common type of braces use brackets, small, square-shaped pieces, which are attached to an orthodontic band or chemically affixed to the tooth surface.

Brackets are available in different compositions, including metal, and ceramic. Each bracket has a slot that will hold and support the arch wire. Some brackets have hooks which are used for attaching rubber bands. Arch Wire Arch wires are made of metal and formed explicitly to fit into the brackets around the mouth. Arch wire adjustments exert pressure on the teeth, and are responsible for the ongoing repositioning of teeth toward proper alignment.

The wire is exchanged often during the treatment process, to heavier wire that can exert greater movement.

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Wearing a posture brace can keep your shoulder, neck, and body upright, the braces gently force the muscles to keep your body in the straight position. You can wear underneath your clothes as well as on the top of your clothes too. The primary function of this posture braces is to retain the muscle groups in the shoulder, core, and upper back. They provide the comfort and resistance while holding the shoulders and neck in the proper position.

An arch wire is the wire that attaches to your braces. It is called an “arch wire” because your top teeth comprise your top arch, and your bottom teeth comprise your bottom arch.

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These simple, functional designs are absolutely spot-on. First up is the aluminum Tailhook. This universal design clamps to any pistol buffer tube between 1. Installing it is as simple as sliding it onto a buffer tube and tightening down those two bolts. As my CZ Scorpion Evo is a registered SBR I could legally shoulder the Tailhook and, I gotta say, the flat back and solid aluminum build make for as good of a shoulder stock as anything. Ah, but how does it work as a brace, you say?

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Rubber bands align your bite and are very important for the bite-fixing phase of orthodontic treatment, which is usually the longest and most difficult part of the whole process. Your full cooperation and commitment with the rubber bands is required and will lead to the best possible orthodontic result in the shortest amount of time. Yes, rubber band wear is vital to successful treatment, so always strictly follow the instructions and regiment we give you for wearing your elastics.

You should wear your elastics constantly, twenty-four hours a day including when you eat a snack, play, and sleep, unless otherwise instructed, taking them out only to brush, floss, put new elastics in, and very occasionally to eat. Most of the time you should eat with your elastics in and replace them with fresh ones after the meal.

In fact, when you are eating you’re really putting your rubber bands to work and your teeth will move even faster! But, if they really get in your way during a big meal you may need to remove them, even though we urge you to keep them in if you can, especially during casual snacking. You should also wear them when you sleep.

Every morning, discard the previous day’s elastics and replace them with fresh elastics from the packet we have provided for you. If you play sports keep your elastics in unless you need to wear a mouth-guard. After removing your mouth-guard, put the elastics back in.

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The headgear attaches to the braces via metal hooks or a facebow. Straps or a head cap anchor the headgear to the back of the head or neck. In some situations, both are used. Elastic bands are used to apply pressure to the bow or hooks. Its purpose is to slow or stop the upper jaw from growing, thereby preventing or correcting an overjet.

Other forms of headgear treat reverse overjets, in which the top jaw is not forward enough.

Top Grade leather braided (3/4″ wide) and belt strap style suspender braces are now available from Holdup Suspender Company with brass buckle length adjusters. For years our loyal customers have asked for the traditional look of western wear button-on leather suspenders, often worn by their favorite Western Movie Stars.

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Questions Dental Braces Hook on braces? I have hook things on top of 2 of my brackets. They are both 3 from the left one on top and one on the bottom. I am a 14 year old female. I have had braces and an expander for 7 months because 2 of my teeth were growing in at an angle second premolar on top and bottom 4 from right and I have a slight overbite. It comes with the bracket hooks By BracesInfo.

Sue Sue Donahue (née Heck) (at some point Suki Heck) is the dorky, socially awkward, and late-teen middle daughter of Frankie and Mike. Although she may be socially awkward, she appears to have more success socially than her younger brother Brick. She is dorky, overemotional and .

When fastened, the pull strength is extremely high, and the peel strength is medium. Rivet or screw on application. Good for outdoor application. For other details, see test report. To be attached with nails. For use with applications requiring lower peel strength. Less fuzz will occur overtime, leaving a longer lasting loop fastener. Also, the fastener is excellent for underwater usage, having a higher hold strength when compared to regular knapped loop fasteners.

Compatible with Hook fastener. Hook compatible, comfortable, excellent tensile strength for peeling. Use for medical, therapy Used for applications requiring light peel strength. Recommended for applications requiring non-frequent opening and closing.

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