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Improper fit Review by Nancy Rating I like it except for the fact it doesn’t sit comfortably on my head or my staff’s. There should be about three more inches give in the head band, and then it would be perfect. It seems like it was fitted for a child’s head. Dependable solution Review by Zoots Rating This is a workhorse for our call center. Never a Problem Review by Christine Rating I have been doing business with Headsets Direct for years and have never had an issue with either the products or the service. The SupraPlus Headset is light and durable. Review by Laura Rating Been using it daily on the 8 to 4 shift and love it.

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You can definitely tell the direction from where sounds are coming from, which is great for adding atmosphere to horror games like Amnesia or giving you the edge in FPS games like Call of Duty: As I could not attend this year Plantronics kindly sent me what I missed. First impressions The Gamecom X40 headset is made from a sturdy plastic that opts for durability over a lightweight construction, resulting in a lighter headset than its aforementioned 7.

Comfort-wise, thick, squishy fabric means you can get slightly warm ears but it seems a fair trade-off.

Electronic Hook Switch Cable allows users to connect a wireless headset to a Apple iPhone using a mm connection. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.Check our Compatibility Guide for more information.

Tweet on Twitter In early the s, Bluetooth Headsets became popular as business-class call attending accessories that came with the higher end cell phones. Most of these headsets were mono and were great tools for wireless call handling. These days Bluetooth headsets are more affordable and used by millions of people to not just handle calls but also listen to music, thanks to the stereo sound technology. Bluetooth Headset Buying Guide for One of the things that make a headset or even headphones good is how well and comfortably they fit your ear.

Other factors that you should consider while getting yourself a nice Bluetooth headset include: You want to be able to hear your caller and be heard clearly yourself, therefore, it pays to have a headset that can deliver a crisp and clear sound both ways. A number of Bluetooth headsets on our lists are designed so you can enjoy your music on them so it follows that they should sound as good as in ear monitors do.

Unlike the case with headphones, it is important that your Bluetooth headset eliminates as much outbound noise from your surroundings so that the other person can hear you well. The accessories that come with your headset also have a lot to do with the value for money you get with your purchase.

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Email Advertisement Bluetooth headsets are incredibly practical. With advancements in Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 5: What’s New and What’s Good? The latest version of Bluetooth has been announced and will be packed full of improvements and new features. Here’s everything you need to know about it. While it was rather limited during the early stages of its life, Bluetooth has evolved to be capable

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Rather than seek employment with another company, I decided to place my future in my own hands. Suppliers will cut each others throats for orders. But, when a problem comes up, what do they do? In my experience, they would call me and want Plantronics to make the customer problem go away. I still maintain a very good working relationship with the Plantronics Service Center so when my customer has a problem, I handle it.

I don’t call my Plantronics rep This is where I am able to save my customers the most money! Many do not even know how to decipher the date code for warranty information. Heck, most customers don’t even know there is a warranty date code on the headset. My first question when a customer calls me is; do you have any broken headsets that need warranty replacement?

EarPhone also makes a variety of tactical mics, speakers and headsets worn by SWAT and military personnel. We at Able Zebra invite you to our growing family of customers.

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That means all-day comfort for all-star performance. Then we made it better. Increased range for maximum mobility, one-touch controls, energy efficient power management, simple plug-and-talk installation — the CS does it all.

Voice Accessories Maximize the capabilities of your voice conferencing solution. Accessories Finder; Connect certain Polycom conference phones to a mobile phone to conduct conference calls from anywhere. Polycom is now a part of Plantronics For Plantronics headsets please visit PLANTRONICS.

View Comments Share One of the most common questions I hear daily is: Before we begin, you will want to have a copy of the product documentation that came with your Bluetooth-enabled device. This information is very important as it contains instructions on how to put your Bluetooth-enabled device into pairing mode. So what is pairing mode and why is it important to me?

Pairing mode is what allows a Bluetooth-enabled device to accept a new connection from another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your BlackBerry smartphone. In order to pair two Bluetooth-enabled devices, one of them must be placed into pairing mode while the other device searches for it. Once the initial connection is made during the pairing process, you will be prompted to accept the connection between the two Bluetooth-enabled devices. You then have the option to trust the connection, which will allow the two Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another without the need to accept the connection request each time.

To find out how to put it into pairing mode, I reviewed the User Guide found at the BlackBerry Documentation website, and came across the following section which guides me through the pairing process with my BlackBerry smartphone from start to finish.

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Apps that offer tips, tricks and tools for your Android-based phone, brilliant HD audio and superior comfort make this the smartest headset for smartphones. Experience brilliant, HD streaming audio plus natural, clear calls Smart Sensor technology manages your calls and automatically performs time-saving functions Monitor your headset battery level on your iPhone or Android 3. This headset is so smart, that by simply placing it on your ear, it automatically answers your phone or transfers calls back and forth between your phone and headset.

The Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset is multi-talented: it lets you control both calls and music, offers three language options for status alerts, and activates your .

The RIG series offers a budget gaming headset that includes all the desired features you may need in gaming. When the product arrived, I immediately opened up the box and gave the headset a try. My first impression was that the headset is very lightweight, and the overall padding seemed to be very plush. I fiddled around with the various parts of it and adjusted the headphones to fit my head, which is unfortunately rather limited. I tested the headphones out and was overall pretty pleased with the product.

I quickly noticed the comfort of the headphones – I normally prefer around the ear headphones for comfort, but with the comfortable fabric on these headphones and the light weight of them, I did not mind using these for a several continuous hours. The audio quality is average however, as I noticed it provides decent audio but lacks the depth in sound that can be found in some upper tier audio devices.

I was pretty happy with the general functions of the mic however – it is conveniently bendable and also removable if not needed. After a few tests I did notice complaints from others that there was background noise if I wasn’t in a quiet environment. As such, this may not be ideal if you game in a more noisy environment, but if you are generally gaming in private, this should not present as an issue.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Pros and Cons of the item Pros: Very lightweight – helps when wearing for long hours Super comfortable on ears – great, breathable fabric over ears Detachable mic Bendable mic – helps with controlling while in use! Mediocre sound quality Mic seems to pick up background noise Limited adjustment capability – may not have a perfect fit for every person Average build quality Overall, Plantronics offers an excellent option for budget gaming headsets.

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Cell phones have become essential for business communication with clients and customers because they allow you to multitask to increase productivity. Pairing allows the phone to work with the Bluetooth headset for wireless communication. Placing your Plantronics Bluetooth headset in pairing mode allows the phone to detect it. Once the devices are paired, incoming and outgoing calls can be sent directly to the headset.

Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can find the perfect option for your needs. Each headset is manufactured from lightweight materials and outfitted with a gentle clip that sits comfortably on your ear for the duration of a call.

Sascha Segan Alex Colon The Best Bluetooth Headsets of If you want to make hands-free calls while driving or just need your hands for other tasks, you need a solid Bluetooth headset. Here are our top-rated models in a wide range of prices and designs. The era of the traditional Bluetooth headset is coming to a gentle close. If you look at Amazon or any other major retailer, you see that the single-ear headsets of 10 years ago have largely evolved into stereo Bluetooth headphones, almost all of which include microphones for you to make calls with.

While there are still mono headsets on sale, many of them are either low-quality, no-name products, or several years old. So our list of best Bluetooth headsets is evolving, too. Along with dedicated, single-ear headsets we’re including stereo models as well. Most of our Best Wireless Headphones have microphones and call control buttons now, although the microphones aren’t always of the best quality.

We’ve put what we think are the standouts on this list. Picking the right Bluetooth headset might seem simple, but it actually comes with a challenge that’s unique to all headphones, and, well, anything that needs to be placed in your ear: It’s tough and not completely sanitary to try products out before plunking down the cash for them. But a major component of a headset’s success depends on how it fits and feels—and that varies widely from person to person, or even from ear to ear.

Other important factors include sound quality, design, style, battery life, and extra features. We’ve come up with seven points you should consider when shopping for a Bluetooth headset:

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