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KC Concepcion Admits Missing Showbiz

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Aug 08,  · Totoo na po ito at hindi basta intriga lamang! Pumunta na sa Subic si KC Concepcion para dumalaw sa set ng Noah! Dito ay nakakwentuhan niya ng simple at .

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KC Concepcion denies reconciling with Paulo Avelino

Why did KC Concepcion and lino Cayetano break up? Naku, ayaw na ayaw ni Ms. Sharon Cuneta na pinagmumukhang cheap ang anak niya, huh!

KC Concepcion has been dropping hints on social media about dating an unnamed someone since July, But on August 15, KC Concepcion posted an Instagram Story of her and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart, having fun with their smartphone while they were apparently holding hands.

Maira Baguio 1 day ago 1 minute read After coming from a failed marriage, Ciara Sotto is now happily in love with her non-showbiz foreigner boyfriend. For the first time, she named the man who captured her heart. Through a sweet Instagram post, Ciara shared a photo together with her beau named Ian Austin, this Sunday, November She also wrote a short birthday greeting to him: Did Gab Valenciano propose to his new girlfriend?

Although it was only at this time that Ciara introduced him to the public, she had already told everyone about the happy state of her love life last September During the wedding anniversary dinner of her parents Senator Tito Sotto and Helen Gamboa, their daughter brought a non-showbiz guy to the event. Without a doubt, Ian earned the approval of her siblings and parents during that night. Christian Bautista ties the knot with Kat Ramnani in dreamy Bali wedding Meanwhile, some close friends of Ciara are giving their message about the blooming love life of the Kapuso actress.

It includes Aiko Melendez, who, according to Ciara, was one of those who people who she can rely on during hard times. It seemed like this announcement served as a celebration not only to Ciara but also to the closest people around her. They were married on January 17, , and has a four-year-old child together.

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As parents, we want all the best for our kids. We like to make sure that they are living a happy and comfortable life. All we want for them is all the good things in life, and we would do anything or trade everything to see them happy every once in a while or for the rest of their life.

Dec 21,  · KC Concepción (born Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepción on April 7, ) is a Filipina actress and singer who is currently a National Ambassador Against Hunger of the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

Everyone aspires to an ideal body. Some want to have it because they are very much after the health benefits along with it. While there are also others who just want to boast a visually appealing body that other people would definitely be envious of. The thing is, whatever the reason may be, achieving an ideal body is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort and determination to have an ideal body. Recently, actress KC Concepcion posted some photos of herself on her Instagram account.

Her post became trending as her photos showed off the results of her 6 months diet and work-out.

KC Concepcion SHAG

And those women are probably taking care of him so they love your papa the same way that you love him. It was also a way for us to resolve things and be at peace finally, officially. Walang nag-te-textan na, hala, anong mangyayari. We knew naman that the episode would be so real and personal. I think she has a very colorful life. Hindi ko nga masyado na-che-check ang telepono kasi matutulog nalang ako kaysa naman mapagod pa ang mata ko sa pag-te-text di ba?

The Mega daughter KC Concepcion was allegedly spotted together with her former French boyfriend a month after her split with footballer Aly KC Concepcion – Wikipedia. Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion (born April 7, ) is a Filipino actress and singer.

But those little traditions while nursing a heartache is not something that Filipino celebrity, Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion or KC as she is known to most, can enjoy. But when you are the daughter of showbiz megastar, Sharon Cuneta, you unfortunately have access to the number one celebrity talk show in the country. Of course the producers will cue in the sad music as soon as they see the first tear fall down your cheek and zoom in for a close up for maximum effect.

Whatever you say on record will be fair game for scrutiny by the people who care. And when it comes to celebrities, that can mean the entire Philippine population. The reason for the break-up between KC and actor, Piolo Pascual is sketchy. Those who have a penchant for speculating have come to the conclusion that Piolo is not who he says he is. Ayaw ko na siguro pumunta sa details kasi parang ayaw kong siraan siya.

And hindi ko mabigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya.

KC Concepcion and Rico Blanco Relationship Details

Concepcion has always loved to travel. However, she maintained that she doesn’t go to the countries where her suitors are. Whenever she happens to be there, the actress said she doesn’t even try to contact them. Instead, she let them come to her and wait for a grand gesture from them before considering if she will date one of them exclusively. The press asked her about her French suitor Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart, but Concepcion didn’t want to reveal anything about her suitors these days.

KC Concepcion, 33, seemed to have set the record straight about one of her traveling companions, who is said to be her French ex-boyfriend Ugo de Charette. This comes about a week after photos of her trip to Siargao with a group of friends sparked speculations that she’s dating anew.

As a syndicate, Congress is really massive—24 senators and congressmen. The simple word for PDAF is pork barrel. In ancient times, the term referred to a barrel of goodies larded with pork so it becomes greasy and difficult for those trying to grab it. Slaves competed to get the barrel. I suppose applying lard around the barrel was the equivalent of leveling the playing field. It is grease money so that our congressmen and senators—our slaves or public servants—do their work. Instead, these senators and congressmen have become our masters—veritable Mafia bosses who keep driving us citizens to greater penury, misery and economic enslavement.

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Piolo Pascual And Mark Bautista Issue

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Megastar Sharon Cuneta must be alarmed with the photos circulating in the world wide web these days. KC Concepcion is busy shooting some scenes abroad for the upcoming primetime show “Lovers in Paris” with Piolo Pascual.

It is not surprising that local and international bachelors are smitten by her charm. According to reports, the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta has a new high-profile suitor. Aquino gave further clues. She mentioned that the mystery basketball player plays for the Houston Rockets. During that time, the team was supposed to be battling in a do-or-die game at the NBA. This excited the live audience. But KC was quick to assert that the two of them are just friends. Who is Charlie Parsons?

Over the last several months, the two have been actively exchanging messages. Parsons is a year old professional basketball player who is a member of team Houston Rockets, one of the major leagues in the National Basketball Association. He initially played college basketball for the University of Florida.

Are Coco Martin, KC dating?