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Enlarge Image Aiming for an unlikely catch of the day. Drone photographer and YouTuber Tice Ledbetter was filming a little 4K footage of the Pacific coast near the pier when he apparently aggravated one fisherman to the point that he quickly reeled in his line, turned toward the drone and launched it at the flying robot, remarkably managing to hook his target. In the video below, posted Friday, you can see the fishing line in the drone camera’s field of view after it’s been snagged, and at the end you can see the line wrapped around one of the rotors. Apparently the drone managed to escape before being reeled in, as the footage obviously survived and the clip ends with a tongue-in-cheek “Wanted” poster of the fisherman for the crime of “being an asshole. Although the drone isn’t violating any privacy laws by filming a public pier and is also OK in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration for noncommercial purposes, there’s still the issue of whether it’s rude to buzz by people trying to enjoy a nice day at the pier. Related stories US Army testing tiny new drones better suited to Batman As usual, with most things that inspire heated debates in comments sections, both parties are a little bit wrong and a little bit right. Fishing is one of those activities where there’s a slightly higher expectation of respect and quiet, like in a movie theater or a library, so while the drone might have the right, legally, to buzz the pier, its operator does so at the risk of being a jerk himself. That doesn’t mean it justifies trying to damage or destroy another person’s private property by flinging a metal hook at it, however. What do you think?

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WhatsApp is used by over million people around the world, and a whopping 30 billion messages have been sent through its servers. Its popularity took off because it uses an internet connection to send messages instead of traditional cellular networks, so messages don’t count against the allotment from your wireless carrier. Free WeChat is huge in China. WeChat If you live outside of China, it’s unlikely that you use — or perhaps have even heard of — WeChat.

You can use WeChat to do just about anything, including play games, send money to people, make video calls, hail a taxi, order food, buy movie tickets, read the news, book a doctor appointment, and more.

flightview’s app integrates with your iPhone® calendar – add a saved flight or trip to your calendar and automatically see flight details and notes in the new calendar entry (unavailable in flightview Free).

Photographed by Rockie Nolan. More According to Vanity Fair, Tinder is the harbinger of today’s hookup-fueled “dating apocalypse. And as for Tinder, sure, it can be used for swiftly finding a one-night stand, but there are plenty of other apps that are better suited for that task. If your life is too busy to squeeze in the time-consuming intricacies of a longer-term relationship, or you’re just looking for a little low-stakes fun tonight, you need a quick, surefire way to find a quality fling.

And the great thing is, whether you prefer chatting extensively with your new crush first or a little fantasy in your play, there are diverse options to suit your every whim and desire. When you need to find a hookup, like, yesterday, you should hit up one of these 25 awesome apps. This story originally ran August 20, View photos Wild Wild is an aptly named app for someone seeking a no strings attached situation. The free app lets you browse anonymously and has photo verification so you know if your match is real or not — catfishers beware.

The best feature for someone wanting a hookup is the filter search tool, which lets you find others who are on the app with the same goal in mind. More View photos Casualx For those who feel like they encounter too many relationship-minded people on Tinder, Casualx is billing itself as the answer. The app’s bold slogan is “Tinder minus marriage-minded daters. The app also promises that it reviews each profile manually which may be feasible with smaller numbers of users, but has us questioning what it will do as it grows larger.

The dating apocalypse is worse than you think: Tinder and the hookup culture

The Rise of Hookup Apps Grindr has transformed how gay men meet. Is that good news or bad? By Michail Takach – Mar 14th,

TV episodes 1* To view movies and select on-demand TV content, download the Southwest app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before your flight. 1 To view movies and select on-demand TV content, download the Southwest app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before your flight.

A Canadian Tourist visiting Philadelphia as part of an education conference was sexually assaulted, robbed, and beaten after engaging with a man on Grindr and later meeting up at his hotel room for a hookup. According to a report by nbc Wednesday afternoon and shortly thereafter, was held at gunpoint where he was raped. I was scared and I kept thinking if I just do what he says, then he’ll just go away,” the man said.

The men later entered a bar where, after being beaten and kicked, the victim was able to break free, run and call the police. Police have yet to catch the suspect in this crime, described as years-old, 5 foot inches tall with wavy hair and star tattoos on the back of his right hand. However, you can help identify him after getting a fairly good look in some of the surveillance video from inside the bar see video below.


How can I ensure that my pictures and videos will be synchronized to my iOS album? You may need to adjust the settings of your mobile device. If the GO app has not been granted access to your albums, the photos and videos cannot be synchronized. What should I do to land my Phantom 3 smoothly as possible? Hover the aircraft over a flat, level surface.

Feb 12,  · The app will allow users to hook-up in mid-flight, provided of course, it passes Apple’s strict guidelines.

Pickup trucks are using apps, cameras, and other tech to make towing easier The average pickup truck driver only tows once per month. By Jordan Golson posted Aug 20th, at 5: Chevy Commercials typically depict pickup truck buyers as towing fiends, hauling their boats and horses and ATVs around constantly. In reality, however, only around a quarter of half-ton truck buyers think the popular Ford F and Chevy and RAM tow more than once per month according to the truckmakers.

That means that the vast majority of truck owners don’t actually tow that often. For the inexperienced, towing can be an intimidating and difficult process — and anything that makes the towing process faster or easier is a meaningful improvement for a new truck. In the new Silverado , for example, Chevy has an “trailering app” both in the truck and on the Chevy smartphone application that includes a clever step-by-step “pre-flight checklist,” giving instructions on how to hook up and test a trailer.

Chevy truck towing label A label inside the door of the truck lists crucial towing information. Chevy While repeat users may eventually outgrow need for the guide, the app still offers useful features for handling essential pieces of the tedious hook-up process.

Want To Hook Up With An Airport Hottie Try These Apps!

Plan waypoint missions anywhere Whether you are a professional or beginner, Litchi offers the most intuitive yet powerful waypoint mission engine. Focus on what matters Like getting that perfect shot. In Focus mode, Litchi assists you by taking control of both the gimbal and the drone’s yaw axis, so you can concentrate on horizontal movements.

Dec 06,  · A NEW app being positioned as the ‘Tinder for air travel’ is promising to connect passengers who want to hook up in the sky. AirDates, the world’s first in-flight dating app, which is still.

Meeting someone new at the airport is fun and exciting. We’ve all thought about it while waiting for our flight. It’s a bit of adventure that adds spice to your everyday life. Find fellow travelers that are looking for that added sense of excitement that you only get when meeting someone new. Share a drink with an attractive stranger in the totally safe environment of a public airport. Perhaps, share a brunch or romantic dinner while waiting for your flight and explore the enticing possibilities that are presented to you.

Romance, friendship, travel companion, networking The possibilities are endless. If you’re tired of reading a magazine while waiting for your flight, don’t hesitate, register now. A new concept in online dating and personals. The usual dating sites connect you with people in your area, so you always see the same men and women on the website.

We have created a new dating and personals site that connects people worldwide through airports. Date or make friends with people in other cities or even countries.

Tinder for Teens Parents freaking out over new app

Updated Feb 5, at 2: Here are ten apps that will help you search and book cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars. Trip Advisor ratings are built in, so users can checkout reviews of hotels before they check in.

FlightAware, the world leader in flight tracking, offers the free flight tracking/flight status app for your device.

Asterisks below indicate names that have been changed to protect identities. He had recently tried meth for the first time. They all lived in California, had professional high-level jobs at successful companies, had known each other for years and most had tried other drugs like marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. But their reaction shocked Jesse.

One of them called Alex irresponsible, another told him that meth would ruin his life just like it had ruined so many others in the gay community. Many meth users and rehabilitation counselors agree: We spoke with former meth users about their experiences. Their stories alternately reinforce and challenge popular conceptions of meth and its users. Inside his bedroom closet, he keeps a heavy cardboard box filled with coke, speed, ecstasy, Viagra, a vial of GHB, meth and a pipe.

He started using meth when traveling to New Zealand with his long-term boyfriend back in After some discussion, they all tried it and enjoyed it very much. Now, when Greg hosts PNP parties, he and his guests will either orally ingest the meth in powder form or smoke it. A few times, when guys have fallen into a catatonic state, he has asked them to leave his apartment after they sober up.

Do’s and Don’ts of Grindr: How to use dating and hookup apps