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Twitter Advertisement We need a spark plug. Something to ignite us when the body is willing, but the brain is not. Even the achievers of this world have admitted to frequent bouts of flagging motivation. But the valuable lesson from their lives is that they chip away at their mental blocks more consistently than others. These are all concepts of which we are very much aware, but not many of us can precisely pinpoint their source. Where does creativity come from? What is it that causes a People have a tendency to act one way when they feel something completely different. Here are a few Because, as always these ten superlative TED Talks underscore one simple thing — there is no secret to motivation.

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October 17, iStock With more and more people relying on online dating to meet a partner, the act of online dating also gets studied more and more. Here are 11 revelations from recent studies. This phenomenon was observed in a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Women tended to claim that they were 8.

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Image Rape victim and her attacker host TED talk0: Thordis Elva, from Iceland , was sexually assaulted by foreign exchange student, Tom Stranger in At the time she was just 16 and he was 18, and the pair were dating, The Sun reports. They have since come together to write a book about the experience, and shared the TED stage late last year to discuss the effect the incident had on each of them.

Ms Elva and Mr Stranger had been together for about a month when he raped her, meeting when he was on an exchange program in her home country. The assault happened after the young couple had been to a school dance together, with Ms Elva explaining she was excited about showing their peers how happy they were. She celebrated by drinking rum for the first time.

It was like a fairy tale, his strong arms around me, laying me in the safety of my bed. In , Thordis Elva was voted Woman of the Year in her native Iceland for her gender equality campaigning.

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Post a comment with one thing you plan to implement from any of the talks. John Hunter is the kind of teacher we all wish we had. By developing a complex, week-long game that appeals to children and adults alike, he manages to help other gain understanding into the complex issues that face our world today. His talk features profound insights from the children he teaches showing the innate compassion that we are all born with.

Prologue. The New Age of Fire The house lights dim. A woman, her palms sweating, her legs trembling just a little, steps out onto the stage. A spotlight hits her face, and 1, pairs of eyes lock onto hers.

By Stephen Rodrick Jun 6, A few weeks before Bill Maher nearly blew up his career for the second time, a middle-aged man named Billy Martin warmed up the audience that had come to watch a filming of Real Time with Bill Maher. Martin, Maher’s head writer, stood on the L. He asked if there were any conservatives in the audience, which skewed white and rowdy. A guy in a Tommy Bahama—style shirt raised his hand.

The crowd laughed, unaware that Martin would use the same joke the next week. He finished his routine by urging a standing ovation for Maher, who blew a kiss to the audience as he moved toward his mark on the stage. That was the first time he nearly scuttled his television career. Real Time’s format is a throwback to a seventies talk show—with a monologue, an interview, a panel discussion, some jokes, and a closing argument—but here everything is done without the benefit of breath-catching commercial breaks.

This setup sometimes leads to what can feel, in the moment, like a random car wreck, but Maher’s been doing comedy for forty years. He’s addicted to provocation, and more often than not, he’s driving his show into a brick wall by design. EsquireChris Buck “It’s really old-school in that sense,” says Larry Wilmore, who hosted his own series, on Comedy Central, until last year.

The preparation that goes into making it look effortless like he does is extraordinary. He congratulated the audience on making it through Donald Trump’s first hundred days.

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If you are feeling suicidal or want to self-harm, contact a prevention hotline immediately. Furthermore, we always recommending seeking your local mental healthcare clinic. Some Rules and Info This is for your mental health. It is NOT to get revenge or play mind games with your Ex! Maybe you want your Ex back? That’s fine but first give them some space and figure out where you are emotionally.

Christian Rudder, one of the founders of popular dating site OKCupid, details the algorithm behind ‘hitting it off.’ Lesson by Christian Rudder. Animation by TED-Ed.

Why Men and Women Cheat Infidelity is one of the most wrenching experiences a couple can endure. It can destroy families, crush spirits, and break quite a few plates. It causes pain not just to the betrayed, but usually to the cheater as well. So why do people do it? Experts say that the reasons fall into two main categories. The first has to do with the relationship — there’s either an emotional disconnect or the couple’s sex life isn’t satisfying to one partner. The second reason has nothing to do with the couple.

Rather, one partner simply wants the excitement of an affair, needs an ego boost, or just feels entitled to have more than one sexual partner. How Men and Women Differ In general, men are more likely to cheat for more superficial reasons, like the need for excitement, while women are more likely to stray if there is serious trouble in the marriage. Meanwhile, women are having more sexual affairs,” says Glass. Women now feel more entitled to enjoy their sexuality, so if sex with their husband isn’t satisfying they are more likely to look elsewhere than their mothers and grandmothers would have been.

With more men and women working together side-by-side, as peers, there’s an opportunity for deep emotional connections that didn’t exist in previous generations.

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Appreciation On Couple Coaching: That was revolutionary, Thank you, A I would like to thank you, Renee Lindstrom, for coaching me over the past 6 or so months. Had it not been for your guidance and expertise the book launch would not have been the success that it was. In fact, it would not have even happened. Everyone was hounding me to commit to a book launch.

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They can be nerve-wracking, exciting and, if they go well, they can be the start of something truly great. When should I ask someone out online? When you meet someone online it can be easy to get caught up in a flurry of messages and to develop strong feelings as a result. Read our first message article here 2. What if I get nervous before my first date?

Apprehension can strike down the most seasoned dater but, luckily, there are ways to beat it. Do you have any online dating safety tips? Another way to ease pre-date nerves is to follow basic safety precautions. Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan recommends that you only date in a public place, that you have your own transport sorted in advance, and that you tell a trusted friend where you are going and who with calling them during the date to confirm that everything is fine.

Looking for more online dating safety tips? Find our guide to staying safe here 4. What should I wear for a first date? However, comfort can be just as important as glamour.

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How I hacked online dating Amy Webb was having no luck with online dating. The dates she liked didn’t write her back, and her own profile attracted crickets and worse. So, as any fan of data would do: Hear the story of how she went on to hack her online dating life — with frustrating, funny and life-changing results.

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We’ve written about them. There are Reddit threads dedicated to them. There are even TED talks on the subject. But what about all the ways you know someone’s the real deal? There’s not as much information out there on that, and if there is, it’s more like ‘they haven’t just slept with your best friend’ or ‘you just know’. Well, in case you’re prone to chronic indecision, we spotted this fantastic Reddit thread on the early date signs that the person is worth keeping around for a while.

Inside OKCupid: The math of online dating – Christian Rudder