The Era Of SNSD Dating Has Begun!

Minami Minegishi had just been accused of having a boyfriend. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to shave my head without telling other band members or my agency. I don’t expect to be forgiven by doing this, but the first thing I thought was that I didn’t want to quit AKB Clad in baseball cap and cotton surgical mask, Minegishi was aiming to dodge paparazzi, but evidently her disguise didn’t work. The result was the profoundly disturbing apology video posted last week and later pulled from the official AKB48 YouTube channel. Such “scandals” are common in Japan; despite the flagrant marketing of J-pop idols as sex symbols, any hint of them engaging in an actual relationship is harshly frowned upon. When AKB48’s agency released the Minegishi video along with a blog post demoting her to the “training” ranks of the member-strong group, it was only the most extreme example in a long line of similar incidents. Marketing and misogyny have exploited pop cultural loopholes Minami Minegishi just turned 20 years old. That’s the age of majority in Japan; two weeks previously, she had celebrated her coming-of-age day along with every other Japanese person who reached the age of 20 in the past year.

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Being a girl group, getting swept up in dating rumours is a really big thing. Collection of SM girl groups’ dating rumors. F x luna dating rumors Speculations that f x member Luna is dating occurred after she was S.

Kpop bands have undergone major evolutions in the last 12 months. The number of bands that have split up during and in the beginning of could make anyone’s head spin. Several popular bands including 2NE1, KARA, 4Minute, Rainbow, and The Ark have ceased to continue their journey together in the music industry.

Some of which even had the same name. It also marked the rise of new K-Pop groups that, surprisingly, got the most attention in their debut song. But there are some downfalls to some groups that were involved in some issues that may affect their careers. In chronological order not really , we list the things which, for us, stood up the most this August!

This August had the most amazing debuts I have seen thus far for their huge popularity on their first song! They also showcased their singing that will completely amaze us all. One thing that made them stood amongst other K-Pop groups is the vibe they set for their album. Both showed their amazing skill in the scene that will surely set another standard.


Wednesday, October 2, Dating Rumors, The Kpop Idol’s Struggle As the internet is fast spreading, where information is easily accessed and electronic gadgets are more utile, K-pop idol stars are no escape from their fans, who wanted to know their personal lives. Photos where they are together, a belonging of someone else that is worn or brought, couple accessories and others are some of the things these eagle eyes watch out for. Photos and videos are seen that were uploaded on different SNS and forum and media sites that made a hard evidence for the two to be in a relationship.

Their agency already denied the rumors but netizens are surely waiting for some progress.

As of writing, there is no dating rumors surrounding him so it is possible that she still has no girlfriend. The Suspect () A Man and a Woman () Kpop Idols Diet Secrets: Learn What Korean Idols Eat to Lose Weight. 24 July, 0.

Meanwhile, up on the walkway, Teacher Ahn tells Ji Soo that it seems that she managed to move the hearts of the idols. The fan girls immediately crowd around him trying to get an autograph. Back at school, Yoo Jin managed to escape them and meets up with his team again. Yoo Jin teases her about being jealous, causing her to yank off one of the buttons of his uniform.

Hong Joo is also depressed at this, saying that idols just date other idols. The tabloids are, of course, jumping at the possibility of JB and Rian being a couple as well, which causes President Lee to call in the two to discuss the situation.


In between, he takes breaks and goes to Smoothie King. He always orders drinks and adds the protein stuff. Honestly, no one can be as clean as him. They kept working him up by saying more things.

Apr 03,  · A Koala’s Playground Tiffany Confirms Relationship with Nichkhun and Hyoyeon also Dating — 66 Comments ck1Oz of soshi secrets that we dont ,i think jessi is dating taec bcus do u remember when the jessica and tyler kwon rumors to be dating comes up? jessica names are the 1st place for the ‘search engine’ for.

Now I know what you are thinking, this fangirl just wants her OTP to be confirmed. Now yes I do partake in shipping but I do not take it seriously and do not actually believe many if any are dating. I have a few disclaimers before I start. I am not going to sit here and speculate which Kpop idols I think are gay because it is not something I feel comfortable doing since I have no way of saying.

I am also not going to get into the reasons why I think being gay is an okay thing because I feel like that would create a debate that will defeat the purpose of what I am writing, all I will say is love is love. Secondly, my opinions may be biased based on living in America where it is more widely accepted to be LGBT. It is all just my thoughts and opinions.

Okay, It all started the other day, I was on Tumblr scrolling through the BTS tag, when I came across a post about if Jimin had a boyfriend and yes it was very cute but it made me start thinking about if there were to be a Gay kpop Idol. In the posts she does not refer to anyone ship, I actually read it as if he was dating someone outside of the Kpop Universe.

I think this was smart to do. It was just a cute post but at the same time it made you think about if it were to occur. After reading the post, I googled to see if there were any gay kpop Idols, and to my disappointment there were no out idols. There have been many rumors and scandals but nothing confirmed. Many think this would hurt a company or the band, since Korea is a conservative country.

Here’s All The Celebrity Dating Rumors And Gossip Of So Far

Idol stars cry out over dating ban Posted: Given this, it’s not excessive to imagine that good-looking or pretty young idol stars may be able to choose whom they want to be with during their free time, and the partner is always changeable. Yet reality runs completely against the assumption. For so many teenage stars in Korea — even those in the 20s — getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is a risky act putting their hard-won fame on the line.

Those caught by their management agency for having a romantic affair are subject to stern discipline or, in the worst case scenario, dropped from the company.

Kang Ha Neul trivia Top 8 Korean actors who even can sing better than Kpop idols. 0 0. Kang Ha-neul Quietly Enters Military Training Camp Despite Dating Rumors with IUSeptember 11, Kang Ha Neul denies dating rumors with IUSeptember 10, Kang Ha Neul Dieted By Eating Negative Calorie FoodDecember

There are a few things you need to know about me before I get to all the goodies. This all happened in the summer of One day we talked about our hobbies and whatnot, getting to know each other and he told me to sing for him and I did and right after he told me to audition for SM, which was literally just a couple blocks from his house. It was like a normal high school class size. We all waited patiently to go in to audition and while in line everyone stayed quiet, I was expecting people to be rehearsing and whatnot but no one was doing that.

It was extremely awkward and quiet. Someone would come down the stairs and call a name and whoever it was would follow. The youngest person I saw there was probably a little boy who was like.. I waited about 30 minutes when they finally called my name. My first name is an American name but my last name is very much Japanese. As soon as they called my name everyone turned and looked at me, their eyes wide and confused.

Is Yoo Seung Ho Dating Who is Yoo Seung Ho’s Girlfriend

Who is Yoo Seung Ho’s girlfriend? Yoo Seung Ho is a South Korean actor who rose to fame as one of the best child actors. He worked as a regular soldier who reportedly trained new recruits. Yoo Seung Ho was born and raised in Incheon, he is the youngest of two siblings. He had graduated from Baekshin High school in February but did not pursue college in order to focus on acting career.

Though he has received several offers for special admission into universities, he rejected them all.

Before exo’s have all idols who has kindness and minor celebrity couples, you’re dating websites to help you are 10, taeyang talks about dating culture. Dispatch is the kpop idol, fans love life.

SHINee reaches fans all across the globe regardless of their age! In celebration of the Asian American to hit asian american kpop idols dating rumors K-pop in dating rumors! In celebration of the Asian American to hit the K-pop in dating rumors! Here are the 13 Korean celebrities who’ve been in an international relationship. Asian american kpop idols dating rumors Yes, that can asian american kpop idols dating rumors scary because there are risks involved.

Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong. K-Pop Amino Several functions may not work. I personally find it weird tbh.


Toggle navigation T-ara soyeon dating scandal kpop 26 Sep Following the news that our beloved Kim Woo Bin is in a relationship, T-Ara’s Soyeon was discovered to be in a on September 25th sparking rumors of a possible relationship. The world of K-pop is currently ablaze with dating rumors and scandals. Co-Ed School Korean Band. There were strong rumors about her and a certain SJ member.

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Believe me when I say I actually thought about this for quite some time. And I still love them all bit by bit. So without further ado: Ryeowook also screams virgin in my mind. He just seems a little fragile imo. Yesung is pretty much open to anything, so maybe he did it before debuting.

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A K-pop fan’s rants and confessions. Tuesday, February 5, K-pop Rumors and Fan Accounts I’ve been reading tonnes of these so called accounts from friend’s stylists and staff members and whatnot. I usually ignore them and dismiss these claims because they are truly unreliable. Being a history student, teachers teach us to always question where sources of information come from to no end and it really is annoying. This gossip published on forums and blogs by unknown users is already pushing it’s validity.

Despite knowing these facts I can’t help but just be a little bit curious.

Dreamboy kpop game the best online services and are we officially dating well hello dating site review request H v dating rumors kpop 6 Mar (8) Non-kpop idol submissions will not be published. I know he’s not dating any of them, but just the way he keeps choosing different girls Free thai dating website your community asian site texas.

But when it comes to acting, these female idols cannot be left behind. Known as K-Pop idols turned actors, these beautiful and pretty idols have already proven themselves when it comes to acting. They are indeed talented, successful, and popular. Here are the 20 beautiful K-Pop idols turned actress. This list is not in order. She starred recently in the drama Uncontrollably Fond together with Kim Woo-bin. With her exceptional talent in acting, Suzy received several awards including the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for her films, Architecture and The Sound of a Flower.

She also won numerous awards for her drama performances as best actress. This multi-talented girl became extremely successful not only in her singing career, but in her acting career as well. She started in playing the role of Kim Pil-suk in Dream High. Since then, IU continued to appear in dramas and taking lead roles.

J-pop Idol’s Teary Apology for Dating