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Editing controversy[ edit ] In , Phil Robertson stated on Sports Spectrum, a Christian sports publication, that he confronted producers about editors of the show telling them not to say Jesus’ name while praying at the end of episodes, and that they added intermittent bleep censors over random portions of the cast’s unscripted dialogue although there was no profanity being spoken. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. He said he is a “product of the ’60s” but has since lived his life on Biblical principles. Jesus will take sins away. If you’re a homosexual, He’ll take it away. If you’re an adulterer, if you’re a liar, what’s the difference?


Episodes primarily revolve around humorous minor squabbles within the family and business, mostly between gung-ho CEO Willie and his laid-back brother and production manager Jase. Most Americans look at Duck Dynasty and see a sincere, close-knit, Christian family, whose members — while eccentric — genuinely care about one another, have the courage of their convictions, and pray together before meals. Nor is this perspective on Duck Dynasty an unusual one for the entertainment industry.

Sadie Robertson with Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Girls can hunt in a feminine way! Sadie Robertson with Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Girls can hunt in a feminine way!

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‘Duck Dynasty’ dad approves of daughter’s first ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performance

The Robertson family might get into plenty of disagreements, but at the end of every episode of Duck Dynasty, they’re back at the dinner table together. That’s more than just a gimmick that the producers use to tie up all the storylines; it’s a principle of patience and forgiveness that the Robertsons try to adhere to in their lives off-screen. We had set out to interview Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson about dating advice for guys looking to find “the one,” but he shut down that line of inquiry pretty quickly: I’ve been married longer than I’ve been single.

“Duck Dynasty” fans seems to learn new things about the Robertson family all the time from the show and social media, which all of the Robertson’s partake in. However, this was some bigger news then you might expect, Will and Korie Robertson actually have 5 children, John Luke, Will, Rebecca, Sadie.

They have filled our households with a wholesome and yet amusing display of a successful family trying to raise their children in a God-filled atmosphere. Personally, I think anyone should be allowed to express their views on faith in any atmosphere plus they are also one hell of a funny family. The rampant beards aside these people would be fun to hang around with. Not to mention, they eat well, and I would like to be at their kitchen table anytime.

They have followers from all over the world and have even had toys and Halloween costumes made from the show. The Robertsons have no problem with speaking their minds and their lives seem to be wide open. Do you think that you know everything there is to know about the famous family? After all, they lived a whole different life before the show ever began. Check out these facts about the Duck Dynasty family before they were famous.

We believe that our twenties should be left for exploration and traveling and finding our careers.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Daughter on Her Way to Becoming a Fashion ‘It’ Girl

Because of financial setbacks of their family during Si and his siblings’ childhoods, the Robertson family lived in rugged conditions with significantly fewer amenities than the average American enjoyed. He played on the football team in the footsteps of his brother Phil, even wearing the same 10 jersey. His job is to fashion the reeds that are inserted in every patented duck call. Si thinks that it is a pretty easy job and is depicted in Duck Dynasty as having difficulties staying on task; he often seeks breaks to take a nap or play around with equipment in the warehouse.

He said, “One woman has already got my heart, we’ve been married for 43 years and her name is Miss Christine Robertson”.

The Duck Dynasty gang were at the top of their game this week, and. Jep, as any father would, shudders at the thought of his daughter dating. And of course, with her being 11, who could blame.

Rebecca Robertson Duck Dynasty is shown here second from left. Extending beyond that, Willie Robertson is also married to Korie, and they have five children together, who include: John, Sadie, Will, Bella and Rebecca. Of course many will remember that their daughter Sadie, 16, made her first runway debut at New York Fashion Week in September , and she has appeared frequently on the Duck Dynasty show and has become a fan favorite.

However, one family member who has remained more behind the scenes and out of the spotlight has been Rebecca Robertson. Rebecca is 24 years old, and according to reports she will be joining the show as the newest cast member for Season 5 of Duck Dynasty. John, Sadie and Bella are Willie’s biological children, but Will was adopted at birth and Rebecca is their foster daughter. Rebecca initially stayed with the family as an exchange student from Taiwan, but the Robertson family fell in love with her and took her in as one of their own.

Korie describes herself as a “Mom to four awesome kids plus a sweet exchange student who became ours. Love my big family. Rebecca Robertson wrote on her blog recently: Its a new year and just wanted to start a new adventure so that maybe I can share some of the fun behind the scenes stuff that goes on around the store and also share some of the styles that we are featuring. We’ve been working around the clock getting the store running but we’ve been having some fun too! He referred to the Bible, and made some comments that the family later admitted were coarse, but which they also said they generally supported.

Duck Dynasty

Despite its popularity, the series was dogged with controversy. Growing up in a humble Louisiana home, Phil used to help his parents who grew their own food and raised livestock to feed themselves. Notwithstanding the hardships, he recalls his childhood as being a very happy time. Making History The popular reality show went behind the scenes of the Robertson family home, exposing their passionate Christianity and their complex family life.

The show ran for five years, from onwards, and was watched by millions of viewers. Never before had a non-fiction show pulled in such an enormous following and the scandals that were to come kept them glued to their TV sets.

Willie’s daughter, Sadie, is enjoying the success of her family’s reality show, Duck Dynasty. At 16, she already has a dress line, a boyfriend, and a weekly YouTube show.

The show introduced another significant member of the family, oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Alan. Many fans of the show have wondered when Alan will make his next appearance since that landmark episode. To this he says he will definitely be in the Christmas episode but other than that he doesn’t know. He feels they are still trying to figure out how to best utilize him on the show. Alan maintains that the family is shown as they are and overall doing the show has been a positive experience.

Alan’s family is all there in West Monroe, Louisiana. Alex is now working with the church the family has been a part of for years, White’s Ferry Road Church. Alan’s granddaughters don’t hunt yet, but they do go fishing. In the early days, Alan and his father would travel around Louisiana and Arkansas selling duck calls to stores right out of a truck. The sales pitch then is the same one they use today:

Sadie Robertson

During the roughly hour-long talk, he weighed in on the immorality of gays, indicating they are experiencing God’s wrath. He also spoke on a range of issues, including his famed duck calls, Terry Bradshaw as his backup quarterback in college, and that he doesn’t believe in evolution. No one at the Berean Bible Church, which was preparing this morning for its Nativity Scene, was available to comment. The videos were recorded before the Duck Dynasty show began airing. The network announced Wednesday a “hiatus” for Robertson, 67, who disparaged gays in the January edition of GQ magazine.

He also said that, growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement, he never saw mistreatment of blacks.

CANTON Reality television star and author Sadie Robertson will speak at Malone University at 7 p.m. Oct. 11 in the Johnson Center as part of her “Live Original” tour via premier productions.

The show airs Mondays at 8 p. But Sadie, one of five siblings, looked to her own experience: I wanted to encourage other people who may need a little boost. Sadie’s Family Album There’s a whole lot of huggin’ goin’ on in these Robertson snapshots! Is it what you expected? I knew it would be physically hard but didn’t realize it would be so emotionally draining. You get into it. You have six hours of practice every day for a one-minute performance.

If you don’t get scored very well, you take it so personal. How have you bonded with your pro partner, Mark Ballas? He makes fun of my accent every single day! You would think after six weeks, he would be used to it. He’s a goofball and I’m a goofball, so we have a good time.

Widowed Dad Recreates Photos Of Wife With His 3

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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson is SPOT ON in Honest Post About the Challenges of Parenting, Marriage, and the Power of Positivity Sadie Robertson Shares Dating Advice All Young Women Need to Hear Devastated Parents Issue Bullying Warning After Daughter, 9, Commits Suicide. Faith.

The show, which aired from to , broke a number of records, including the most-watched non-fiction cable series in history with But it also brought with it a lot of controversy, namely for anti-gay comments made by Phil Robertson in an interview with GQ. And while the show is no longer on the air, the Robertson family is still out there doing what they do best, being themselves and turning that into cash. Keep scrolling to see what the Duck Dynasty cast is up to now.

But I just chose the wrong industry to really make a lot of money. Looking back, I enjoyed it personally, as far as what was actually happening, but I couldn’t let myself see it publicly. Part of that, I can be thankful for, because I think that’s why I don’t consider myself a famous person or anything, because I just feel it’s super normal.

When asked what he believed to be sinful, he answered, “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Slide 4 of 9Willie Jess Robertson Photo: Willie, who shares six kids with his wife Korie, has always been outspoken about his religious beliefs, and appeared in a small role in God’s Not Dead alongside his wife. In July , he announced that Duck Commander would be hosting tours on Sundays. Growing the Dynasty, which followed the couple as they raised their four biological children and newly adopted son while growing their pot pie food truck business.

The show ran from to , but the couple’s food truck business is still going today. The proceeds from his shaving stunt went to his daughter Mia’s charity to benefit and raise awareness for cleft lips and palates.

The Week the Cracker Quacked: The Duck Dynasty Saga

The Season 4 debut, which pulled in Willie and Korie’s foster daughter, Rebecca Robertson, has remained off-screen up until now, but she will be stepping out in front of the cameras in the new season. Rebecca Robertson The year-old girl came to the family as an exchange student from Taiwan, and eventually, Willie and Korie took her in full-time as a foster child.

Rebecca revealed on her Twitter that she has a new blog that you can follow.

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson is taking flight. While her relatives manage their duck-call empire in West Monroe, Louisiana, the year-old has been winning top scores on ABC’s Dancing With the.

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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson reveals it’s all over with Trevor Knight Online

Millions of viewers tuned in each week to watch the shenanigans of the Robertson clan, a bearded, fun-loving family from Louisiana who run a very successful business selling a duck call dubbed the Duck Commander. The program focused on the Robertson family, who make a living in Louisiana from their business, Duck Commander. The family is renowned for their long beards and Christian values.

The series was massively popular with fans. Nearly 12 million viewers tuned in to the fourth season premiere, making it the most-watched nonfiction program in cable history.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson talks about his latest venture, Willie’s Duck Diner on Constitution Drive in West Monroe, while his wife, Korie, and oldest daughter Rebecca will open a women’s boutique Duck and Dressing in downtown Monroe next month.

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Duck Dynasty fame Sadie Robertson’s career & dating history